About Us

Who We Are

Pat Bay Leather is a leather supply company owned and operated by Vern Theroux since 2000.  The 1050 square foot shop is located in North Saanich BC on Vancouver Island. 

Bundles of Leather Stacked Together

1)  Quality Leather at Competitive Prices.  

Pat Bay Leather provides quality leathers at extremely competitive pricing.  With thousands of square feet of leather in stock and constantly changing inventory, Pat Bay Leather has leather suitable for artisans, hobbyists, upholsters, saddle makers, shoe makers, indigenous artists and drum makers.


Vern Sewing Leather

2)  Knowledge and Experience. 

Pat Bay Leather is owned and operated by Vern Theroux.  Vern has over 45 years of hands on experience working with leather, starting his first business “Vern’s Boot and Saddlery” in 1974.  He has traveled extensively through the western provinces networking with artisans, saddle-makers and boot makers.  He understands the craft. 

Vern with a Leather Gauge

3) Personalized Service. 

Vern prides himself on providing personalized service to his customers drawing upon a wealth of experience and knowledge of leather.  He takes the time to answer your questions and learn about your work so you chose the right leather for your needs.

Array of Indigenous Supplies

4) Indigenous Art and Drum Making Supplies. 

Pat Bay Leather carries a large selection of deer, elk and buffalo in tanned hides and rawhide, suitable for indigenous arts.

Leather Sewing Machine

5) Leather Machines. 

Pat Bay Leather Ltd. is an authorized dealer for The Leather Machine Company, known worldwide for their quality leather machines and stitchers including the  exceptional COBRA harness stitcher.  Pat Bay Leather also carries a changing inventory of gently used equipment.